Martha Nelson Photography | About

Hi, thank you for stopping by.  My name is Martha Nelson.  I'm owner of Martha Nelson Photography. I live in Hanford, California.  I am originally from Esteli, Nicaragua.  I speak both English and Spanish. I love to travel, to meet new people, and to capture breath taking, emotion filled photos.

My start in photography came through taking pictures of my boys during their sporting events, and as time progressed, I developed a love for the craft. As they ventured into motocross, I ventured into my first DSLR and as they learned so did I.  After delving deeper into the art, I moved toward portraiture as my style of choice.  My boys are now 24 and 20, motocross days are long gone, along with my  40D.  Now I carry around a 5D Mark iii that is awesome and never leaves my side.

I love people and love to be around them. There is always a story to tell and to capture.  Allow me to help you capture a moment that you can hold and cherish for years to come.